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(EDIT: 4/12: Congrats to TheOneNamedZoe, XenoSpirit and FayteZephyr! Thank you to everyone who entered. Looking forward to doing this again at the next milestone! :D)

(EDIT 4/11: Now closed! Thank you for participating! Winners will be notified shortly!)

(EDIT 4/9: Quick reminder that this is closing tomorrow night (April 10) 11:59 Eastern time! If you want to enter, please do so before then!)

It seems that I've hit 200 watchers sometime while I wasn't looking. That's pretty freakin sweet.

So to my watchers, both new and old, thank you so much for sticking with me and my long bouts of inactivity. :la:

To celebrate, I've decided to hold an art raffle/giveaway sort of thing!
Why celebrate at 200? Cause all milestone numbers are completely arbitrary so this may as well be too.
I'll be picking 3 winners via random number generator. Here's some examples of the prizes up for grabs:

1. Motion graphic style animation:
Floaty floaty by Vibiana
-Animation- Past The Stars (Click to View!) by Vibiana -Animated- The Maker (Click to view!) by Vibiana

2. Full color illustration
Rubi And Octavio by Vibiana
Commission for big-daddys by Vibiana Please Drink Responsibly by Vibiana 

3. Digital or traditional sketch

Percy Sketch Example by Vibiana  lh2T8FT - Imgur by Vibiana

Sounds good?

Here are the rules:
1. You must be watching me to be eligible for the raffle!
2. Your account must be at least 2 months old to participate. This is mostly to prevent usage of alternate accounts.
2. If you want to enter, leave a comment. Faves do not count as entry.
3. Every person who enters will be assigned an entry number.
4. No alternate accounts! If you get caught entering with multiple accounts, all your entries will be nullified, and any prizes you win will be revoked and given to someone else.
5. If you would like a second entry, share this journal in a poll or journal. Send me a link as proof, and I will give you a second entry number. (Only once per person!)
6. I will be closing entries April 10, 11:59 PM Eastern time!
7. Winners will be picked via random number generator. First person I draw will get first pick of prizes, second person will get next pick, etc. 
8. I will start notifying winners on April 11!

Any questions? Comments? General pains? Let me know!
And once again, thank you for 200 watchers!
Just letting you guys know that I'm gonna be more active on tumblr from here on out. I'll still post things on dA from time to time, like school projects and such. I'll also still be accepting and posting commissions here as well. 

But if it's not schoolwork or a commission, it's going on my tumblr. So if you're interested in seeing some WIPs, sketches, OC stuff, or fan art....

Head over here:

I also post art help and tutorials pretty often, so if you're looking for just my artwork, there's a link to the "my art" tag on the blog.

Hope to see yinz there!
...what the hell Vibi's been doing at art school?

Now's your chance.
Streaming now.

Streaming ended.

Thanks for coming~!
Writing this journal to announce that I've got a few Tumblr blogs you might be interested in.
Tumblr has an iPhone app that you can create posts from, so I can upload pictures of my artwork straight from my phone. Unfortunately, deviantArt doesn't appear to have an app like that, so when it comes to my own laziness and work I've done recently, it's easier to use Tumblr.

I'll still be on dA posting things (when I have time), but if you want to see more stuff from me (like sketches, traditional work, school work), you might want to follow me on Tumblr.

Main blog (only text posts and reblogging):
Art blog:

I also have a NSFW blog, and you'll find a link to it if you look in either one of the links above. I'm not posting a direct link to it here for obvious reasons, but I'm just letting you know you have that option too.

Starting the new quarter at school tomorrow, so bye bye for now~
Yeah, it didn't last long due to Procaster constantly crashing. Probably won't be LSing again until I get that fixed.

Working on a collab this time.
ArtProducer95 did the sketch. :la:
Yours truly is coloring.
...burn down my garage now.

So yesterday I decided to upload my storyboard scholarship entry first (if you guys saw my last journal). The problem is, all the panels are taped onto a giant board of wood because it was on display at my high school art show. Said giant board of wood is in my garage. So I go down there and start taking the panels off.

It's going fine, I have almost the entire first row removed...




I don't think I'm gonna go into my garage for a while...
...Involving that huge-ass art dump I promised to do at the end of the school year that never happened. XD

So here's the deal...
 If I had gone on with that art dump as planned, I would have submitted around 36 deviations. Ain't nobody got time fo' dat. So these are the 4 possible options I came up with.

1.) Submit all 36 deviations, but only submit 6 a day for 6 days. This could kill my motivation to upload new stuff, however.
2.) Submit only my schoolwork (Art Honors and Concept and Creative Thinking classes). Total of 17 deviations. Space those out too.
3.) Submit only my scholarship competition entry. (I got 2nd place in a scholarship competition and $5,000 for school.) Total of 19 deviations. 5 concept artworks, 84 panels of storyboard divided into 14 pages. Those will be spaced out too.
4.) Don't upload any old stuff, just keep doing what I've been doing.

Sooooo... pick whatever number sounds good to you. Majority rules.

This is also a test to see which of my watchers care/are active. X3
Today's topic: The Illuminati. Real or a fairytale?

I had a friend of mine bring this up to me, and they were a little freaked out about it. Of course, I'm skeptical of theories and such that create fear. (Like 2012 predictions and HIV needles hidden in gas station pumps. =_= ) So I went looking...

Since this is apparently a rather controversial topic, I've split the journal into 2 sections: Believers and Skeptics. If you've never heard of this issue before, feel free to read both sections, look at my sources, and tell me what you think.

I looked at a whole ton of websites, forums, and interviews when I did my research. The sources I have listed aren't all the pages I looked at. They're just the ones that I think are worth looking at.

On with my spiel.


For the Believers:

What is the Illuminati?

The Illuminati is a secret organization made of the extremely wealthy and powerful. They've been around for centuries, are all knowing, and are behind many major companies and organizations. (They could be watching you right now.) They have control over every aspect of society, from finance, to government, to TV and music, and even our food. According to some theories, the Illuminati have been behind many, if not all major events, from the Civil War to 9/11 to the Sandy Hook School Shooting. They force musicians, artists, and people in the entertainment industry to follow their secret agendas.

The Illuminati are using the media to dumb down and brainwash the masses. The proof? Many music videos have Illuminati symbolism, and most of the symbolism is very well hidden. Many artists go silent or play dumb when asked about their involvement with the Illuminati. Anyone who talks about the Illuminati, tries to reveal what they're planning, or go against them either get bad press or are killed off. Michael Jackson was planning to reveal the Illuminati's plans during his next concert tour and was found dead. Brittany Spears went against the Illuminati for a short time and got bad press. The only reason she wasn't killed off was because she decided to follow them again. The Illuminati were also responsible for the deaths of Bob Marely, Whitney Houston and Amy Winehouse.

The Illuminati planned the Sandy Hook Shooting so our guns would be taken away. They also have control over the news, choosing which stories get out to the public.

So what's their agenda?

 The Illuminati plan to bring the New World Order, a one-world authoritarian government where we'll all be mindless slaves. From there, the NWO will bring about the rise of the Antichrist. You see, the organization is made of a bunch of Satanists. A lot of the Illuminati's symbols have Satanic roots.

People to watch out for (they're suspected to be members of the Illuminati):

- Barack Obama
- the Pope
- Lady Gaga
- Rihanna
- Jay-Z
- Beyonce
- Jim Carrey
- Queen Elizabeth II
- George W. Bush
- Kanye West

So be careful of the media, the Illuminati are using them to brainwash us all.

There are plenty of videos on YouTube about their agendas and information on how they're trying to control us (and how you can prevent it). Just type in "Illuminati" on the YouTube search.

- The Illuminati's Brainwashing System - Part 1
- Kat Williams Talks About Kevin Heart Wearing a Dress, Illuminati, and Scary Movie 5
- Britney Spears - A Victim of Illuminati
- The Perverted Disney Empire (Illuminati Exposed)
- Comprehensive Guide to the Illuminati (The Believer's Guide)


For the Skeptics:

Are you pointing up there and saying, "that's bullshit"? Don't worry, you're not the only one, but you are the minority. Illuminati conspiracy theorists are shockingly good at getting their "message" across to people.

Who are the Illuminati?

Historically, the Illuminati were a secret organization formed in 1776 in Bavaria, Germany. Their goals included eliminating superstition and prejudice and supporting gender equality.

They were fighting for some pretty awesome things. How'd they get associated with Satanism?

"Illuminati" means "enlightened." People take that meaning and connect it to Lucifer, the morning star. There is no actual proof that these two meanings are connected. It's mostly hypothetical and vague symbolism.
Also, around the time the Illuminati was formed, anyone who didn't believe in God was labeled a "Pagan." If you were labeled a "pagan" that meant you had ties with Satan. The Illuminati were made of atheists and agnostics. They don't believe in God, therefore they are "pagans," and therefore they worship Satan.

Are they really still around?

The Illuminati were pretty hated during their time and were suppressed and disbanded by the government about 8 years after they were formed. There isn't any proof that they survived the disbanding, but there are several groups today calling themselves the Illuminati. Again, there is no proof that any of those groups have amassed the kind of power the conspiracy theorists say that they have.

For a secret organization, they're pretty bad at keeping their secrets and they sure advertise themselves a lot. They kill off their members that sell them out; why aren't they doing the same to non-members that know the "truth?"

I read somewhere that the Illuminati don't care about non members who expose their plans. They're hoping that only a small amount of people will believe those claims and that the majority will label the exposers as "crazy."
Here's something interesting I found:
I looked up several polls that asked "Do you believe in the Illuminati," "Do you believe in the New World Order," etc. The winning votes for almost all the polls I found were "yes." Usually by a landslide. People who DON'T believe in the Illuminati are, in fact, the minority. If the Illuminati were an all-powerful and all-knowing organization like the conspiracy theorists claim, you would think they would have noticed this and done something about it by now, right?

Why do people believe in this crap?

Simple psychology.
Many people who have heard about the Illuminati conspiracy theories first find them on YouTube. Many of these videos open with imagery, dark/creepy background music, and often times, dark background colors. What they're doing is pretty obvious. They're setting the mood. They're provoking a strong emotional response from their viewers, pulling them out of their logical modes to their emotional modes. Most people know from experience that our emotional sides tend to be less logical. Most of these videos try to evoke fear and uneasiness, which makes people believe things more easily, sometimes without questioning it. Remember that a true informer will never use fear to get their message across.

What about the symbols the Illuminati are trying to "brainwash" us with?

Any psychologist will tell you, "symbols are what you make of it." An example, a 5-pointed star inside of a circle. Some people call it a pagan sign, some people call it a satanic sign. Some people will call it pretty, some people will call it evil, and some people will call it harmless. How you see a symbol all depends on what you were told/taught.

What about all the artists involved with the Illuminati?

They're most likely using the symbols and saying they can't talk about the Illuminati as a publicity stunt or a way to heighten their fame. (You know how these kinds of people are...) Entertainers that claim the Illuminati ruined them are probably blaming them for the bad press so that they don't seem as terrible anymore (and possibly get their former fame back since, you know the bad press apparently wasn't their fault). As for all the deaths and events the Illuminati have been blamed for, there is no proof that they are behind them, just speculation and coincidence.

So wait... the Illuminati members... the Pope is a Satanist?

Yes. It makes total sense. I don't see how that's confusing at all. :|

What's your take on all of this, Vibs?

I think believing in the Illuminati is similar to believing in God. Some people do and think they have proof; some people don't and think they have proof. I think people believe in the Illuminati as a way of "comforting" themselves by thinking that everything that happens in the world is planned and happens for a reason. (Once again, kinda similar to believing in God.) Face it, it's scary to think that the world is random and that anything can happen. I think another reason people believe in the Illuminati is that people like the idea of being rebels against a powerful organization and knowing the secrets to bringing it down.

I think the conspiracy theorists who came up with this are probably paranoid Christians who really hate the media and the government and know nothing about how Satanism actually works. (No offense to you, Christians. I'm Catholic myself, but the paranoid ones piss me off.) I think the Illuminati do exist, but they're not as big and powerful as they've been made up to be. A huge and powerful organization that controls everything is a sensational story, true or not. That's why people take it with them, that's why it's gotten so much hype and that's why entertainers are using it to heighten their fame.

Honestly, I would call this is the modern-day Red Scare or Salem Witch Trials.

Can we talk about the theory that the Illuminati are space reptiles from another planet?

No. I'm sure both believers and skeptics know that's bullshit.

- Comprehensive Guide to the Illuminati (The Skeptic's Guide)
- Illuminati (Wikipedia)
- The Illuminati Does Not Exist
- Illuminating the Illuminati: Why a New World Order Probably Doesn't Exist
- Illuminati Debunked


Anyway, I want to hear what you guys think. Is the Illuminati real or not? Your opinions, please~

Disclaimer: If you tell me I'm misinformed, close-minded, stupid, wrong, etc; try to "enlighten" me about the Illuminati/say I'm not enlightened, or call me a "sheep." You will be met with cold, uncaring, and unforgiving sarcasm.
I have kept my mind open and I've done a lot of research on both sides. I just want to hear others' opinions, not get name called.

Have a lovely day everyone~

Updates, yo.

Journal Entry: Tue May 21, 2013, 8:21 PM

This is a journal about what kind of stuff I'll be uploading once the school year's over. If you're interested, read on.

My senior year is starting to wind down. I won't be starting college until September 30, so I'm going to have a LOOOOOONG summer break. But before that...

It's finals week right now. The 29th is prom and the day after that I'll be at an amusement park with friends, so I probably won't be on during those 2 days. The week after that, I should be freer because I only have to go to school for commencement practice, which only lasts for 3 hours at most. That's my schedule for the rest of the year.

Now, for the art stuff:

I haven't uploaded my quarter 3 Art Honors projects at all, but I'll have them uploaded along with the quarter 4 projects once I get those turned in. I'll also upload my Concept and Creative Thinking projects. So you'll be seeing a lot of the school work pretty soon.

Back in March, I entered a scholarship competition at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. We had to design characters, objects, environments, etc and create a storyboard. I managed to snag 2nd place and got $5,000 dollars off my tuition. I can put the storyboard together into a 14-page comic, but I'll only upload it if anyone is interested in seeing it.

I will get my prizes for Myriad-Saga done. Hopefully. But once they're out of the way, I'm going to start taking point commissions. It looks like you can withdraw dA points as real currency with the new commissions widget, so I'll give it a try.

You made it this far? I applaud you.

On an unrelated note, I think I've found my spirit animal.

"F is for friends who do stuff together, U is for you and me..."
"What are you spelling?"

BRB, School's on Fire.

Journal Entry: Wed May 1, 2013, 5:15 PM

Happened yesterday. I never thought that my school catching fire would happen in my lifetime. XD

It started in the cafeteria. The dryer was full of lint and the lint caught fire. The smoke detectors automatically sounded the alarms and everyone got out okay. While the fire department did their job, my friends in art class braided dandelions in my hair. XD

We also got to go home early. Yay.

"F is for friends who do stuff together, U is for you and me..."
"What are you spelling?"

Back from hiatus.

Journal Entry: Tue Mar 26, 2013, 2:10 PM

Did you miss me?
You better have. :iconverynotimpressedplz:

I would upload my projects for the third quarter, but I'm just not feeling it right now. I'll get to that eventually.

Now, I just wanna try to get back into the swing of things here. Before the fourth quarter projects and preparation for the art show rape me up the ass. Catch up on messages, groups, rps, whatever.

It's spring. And there's still snow here.

"F is for friends who do stuff together, U is for you and me..."
"What are you spelling?"

Going On Semi-Hiatus...

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 17, 2013, 3:19 PM

...Until late March.

Why? Shit just got crazy.
I'm working on two portfolio projects that are due on the same day. One is for my honors art class, the other is for a scholarship.

But wait Vibs, can't you just use previous artwork for that portfolio scholarship?
No, it's much more complicated than that. :|

So I won't be posting any art for a while. I will respond to comments and certain things, but only if I deem them important.

If you're really going to miss me that much, you can note me for my Facebook. I'll be updating there, but not here.

Bye for now, my loves~

"F is for friends who do stuff together, U is for you and me..."
"What are you spelling?"

DeviantART! I require your assistance!

Journal Entry: Wed Feb 13, 2013, 3:37 PM

I found out about a scholarship that's due REALLY soon. I can only enter 1 artwork, so I need help deciding which one I should send in.

They're judging based off of:
- Idea generation
- Originality
- Technical proficiency
- Concept

So pick which artwork you think fits the above categories best (or which one you like most, whatever XD).

Your choices:
Code - Code by Vibiana
Dream of Color - Dream of Color by Vibiana
Anjo - Anjo by Vibiana

Remember to leave a comment telling me which one I should pick!

"F is for friends who do stuff together, U is for you and me..."
"What are you spelling?"

Let Me Toot My Horn...

Journal Entry: Fri Feb 1, 2013, 3:46 PM

'Cause I've got good news and bad news.
We're starting with the bad news first, because no one ever seems to do it that way.

I got news this morning that my grandpa died. I've only seen him once or twice, and we really weren't close, but it was still sad anyway. I cried for a bit in art class.
He got hit by a jeepney, which is kind of like a small bus. He wasn't even in the street; he was sitting on his porch. The jeepney had bad brakes or something, and it just rolled down the hill. He didn't even see it coming.
My brother has a terrible sense of humor and managed to make a joke out of this situation. "Surprise bus sex." >_>
I'll admit I laughed...

The good news!

Remember these two deviations?
Anjo by Vibiana Code by Vibiana

I submitted them to the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards.
And got a Merit award for each of them.

I wasn't expecting to win anything.
And then I ended up winning 2 awards.


"F is for friends who do stuff together, U is for you and me..."
"What are you spelling?"

Cleaning House

Journal Entry: Sat Jan 19, 2013, 9:34 PM

Because my gallery is a fucking mess. :I

There are a bunch of characters I don't want either because
A. I barely use them anymore.
B. The groups they were for have closed.
C. I just simply don't like them. XD

So I'm going to be sweeping up my gallery here and sending all the stuff I don't want to Scraps. I don't like deleting deviations.

"F is for friends who do stuff together, U is for you and me..."
"What are you spelling?"

Upcoming LS and Art Dump!

Journal Entry: Tue Jan 15, 2013, 4:21 PM

I would like to open this journal by first saying...


But yes, I'll be completing the second quarter of my Advanced Art Honors class tomorrow, which means an incoming art dump is inevitable. Brace yourselves.

And to celebrate getting halfway through the school year, I'll be holding a Livestream on Friday, January 18 around 9 PM EST.
I'll probably color in stuff as usual, maybe play some Facade. And any other games you guys want to recommend~ (God help you, they better work on a Mac.)

See yinz around.

"F is for friends who do stuff together, U is for you and me..."
"What are you spelling?"

I've decided to keep my commissions open during the school year, but I'll have only 2 slots open instead of 5. Gotta make room for schoolwork and all.

Have some examples.
<da:thumb id="463421390"/>

I accept payments through PayPal!
Medium Shot (half body) $10.00 USD (per character)
Full Shot (full body): $15.00 USD (per character)
Backgrounds: $2.00-$7.00 USD depending on complexity
Solid color, 2 color gradient or transparent backgrounds are free

:points: I accept dA points!:points:
Just be aware that if you calculate the dA point price listings to USD, you'll find that the cost is higher than the prices above. That's because dA charges a 20% tax when you convert points to money, so I am simply covering for the tax.

:points:dA Points Prices:points:
Medium Shot (half body): 1000 points (per character)
Full Shot (full body): 1500 points (per character)
Backgrounds: 200 points - 700 points depending on complexity
Solid color, 2 color gradient, or transparent backgrounds are free

1. Do not claim the artwork as your own.
2. I reserve the right to refuse your commission and keep the reason to myself.
3. Do not rush me. If you need a commission to be done around a certain date, please tell me right away.

1. I'll show you a sketch of the piece to make sure it's coming along the way you want it. At that point, you can tell me any changes I need to make, and I will do so.
2. I don't ask people to pay until after the commission is finished. I'll notify you upon completion. 

If you are interested in a commission or have any questions, drop me a comment or a note~ You can also send me an email at

Please check my profile page for available slots!

Completed commissions:
Commission for ifired (1 of 2) by Vibiana  Commission for ifired (2 of 2) by Vibiana  Commission for FuocoStella by Vibiana  Commission for Strange-Mark (1 of 2) by Vibiana 

Mature Content

Commission for Strange-Mark (2 of 2) by Vibiana
  Commission for WolfCrazyGirl42 (1 of 2) by Vibiana  Commission for WolfCrazyGirl42 (2 of 2) by Vibiana  Commission for JodyGoodchild (1 of 2) by Vibiana  Commission for JodyGoodchild (2 of 2) by Vibiana  Commission for Phooma12345 (1 of 2) by Vibiana  Commission for Phooma12345 (2 of 2) by Vibiana  Commission for xAbyssalRemnantx (1 out of 2) by Vibiana  Commission for xAbyssalRemnantx (2 of 2) by Vibiana  Commission for KnightLycoris (1 out of 2) by Vibiana  Commission for KnightLycoris (2 out of 2) by Vibiana

New Years Eve Livestream?

Journal Entry: Sun Dec 30, 2012, 11:47 AM

I haven't done an LS since... November or October, I think and I really want to have another one.
(The last one I had killed my throat and a good amount of braincells. Stupid My Immortal.)

So how many of you want to see a Livestream tomorrow, maybe around 8 or 9 PM EST? :meow:

I'll color a drawing and maybe find some games to play. Or you guys could suggest some.
Maybe I'll connect on Skype at the same time and have my Skype friends in the LS too.
Dunno yet. XD

"Anything you say can and will be held against you!"
"Johnny Depp."

Like to RP or make characters?
Myriad-Saga :pointl: Get your butts in there.

A Christmas Gift From Me to You!

Journal Entry: Wed Dec 26, 2012, 4:09 PM

"Anything you say can and will be held against you!"
"Johnny Depp."

Like to RP or make characters?
Myriad-Saga :pointl: Get your butts in there.